Fat Chef Kitchen Decor: Red and Black Accent Table Placemats

Fat Chef Kitchen DecorIn decorating your kitchen, using red and black accent items will complement your fat chef kitchen decor. The fat chef, bistro chef, Italian chef, whatever you like to call him, has bold red and black as part of his color scheme. Try accenting your kitchen table with a set of these placemats.

Bold Color Schemes for Fat Chef Kitchen Decor

We have talked a lot about the color scheme that goes well with the Fat Chef look. Our little character typically wears the traditional chef costume of white apron and chef’s hat, along with black and white checked pants. Then add in his kerchief of red and you have a built in color scheme for the kitchen. Of course, white is the main color in his costume, but the black and red make great accent colors. When setting your table in a fat chef kitchen decor, placemats make an ideal way to carry your theme.

Using Table Decor for Kitchen Decorating

With any theme, and that includes the Fat Chef theme, the table decor works great to continue your theme. The little chef himself is a busy-looking decor item. Think about the cookie jar or even the canister sets.  See how quickly your kitchen can become too cluttered or busy looking with everything having the Fat Chef design. Instead consider accent colors for decor items that will complement his look. Table decor is one of those simple ways to bring accent colors to your kitchen. A simple centerpiece of a fat chef cookie jar in the middle of the table, then set black and red placemats around the table. Add in either matching or solid colored cloth napkins to complete your table decor. You have then carried your Fat Chef kitchen decor from counters and walls with wall decor items, to your table. Simple, easy – yes!

Working with Styles for Red and Black Accents

The style you’ve chosen for your kitchen decor will help you decide which style of placemat to choose. Your style can be vintage, modern, country, even eclectic. Yes, the Fat Chef theme can work in all of these styles and any other style. It’s a matter of the accents and accessories that you use to create that style within your theme. Not sure of your style? No problem. Just take a look at the things that attract you. What do you find most appealing to surround yourself with? You will see a style emerge. For me, it’s a very eclectic combination of many different styles. I’m very happy to set a vintage Victorian item alongside a crisp modern item. Yes, my kitchen decor is unusual, but it’s very appealing to me. No matter what style appeals to you, you’re sure to find a set of black and red placemats that will work with your own fat chef kitchen decor.
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  1. Cynthia says:

    I do love having beautiful placemats and you have certainly offered a lovely selection!

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