Fat Chef Kitchen and Canister Sets

Fat-Chef-CanistersUsing canister sets in your Fat Chef Kitchen is an easy way to marry decoration and function.  The whole idea of just using one set of canisters to sit on your counter is no longer the limitation. Many other options are open to you.

Decorating with Canister Sets

These are not overly-expensive items and come in sets with 2, 3, 0r 4 canisters. The variety of styles is numerous. Get a little bold and think about several sets of Fat Chef canisters. Then place them through out your kitchen.

Take a variety of sizes and group them on a wall shelf. If you want to keep the function of your canister sets, place the shelf within easy reach for your cooking needs. You have decorative and functional all rolled into one.

Favorites from the Fat Chef Kitchen Collection

These are some of my favorites. Fat Chef or Bistro Chef canisters are decorative additions to your kitchen, but the best part is how useful they are as well.

 Fat Chef Kitchen Canister Set of 4Think table centerpiece Certified International Bistro 4-Piece Canister Set Kitchen Decor Fat Chef 2PCS Jar Canister Set

Think Table Centerpieces

Use the small ones and group them together on a bold red place mat or linen napkin. If you want flowers in your centerpiece, remove the lid from one and use it as a vase. A floral arrangement instead of head for our little Fat Chef can be a whimsical look

A small canister as part of your table centerpiece can hold packets of sugar or sugar substitute. They are then handy for every meal.

No Limitations to Canister Uses

No longer are you limited to just a set on your counter top. Now you can get interesting and bold with your decorating and make use of those Fat Chef canister sets for storage as well. So get several, pick out the designs that will spur your imagination. Then have fun with arranging them so that you have the look you want.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I like using canisters for unusual storage — great idea! And using them as decor and storage is a double duty I really like. Let’s see, drinking straws, storage baggies, doggy treats, packages of fruit snacks — I can think of a lot of things I could use within easy reach!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I do enjoy using a variety of canisters in my kitchen and I definitely need to add a Fat Chef canister to my collection!

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