Easy Ways to Create Fat Chef Display Space

See open shelves in this kitchen from Better Homes & Garden.

Displaying your wonderful Fat Chef decor items doesn’t have to be hard. See these tips and ideas to create some easy display space, no matter how small your own kitchen is.

Display Options for All of Us

You may have a wonderful collection of great Fat Chef items. So what are you options for displaying them? If you are lucky, you have, or can get, a beautiful display case. And you have plenty of space to set your display case. But, what if you’re like the rest of us? A display case is neither in the budget nor do we have space for it.

Well, we have you covered on that. There are other options. Using the tops of cabinets and hutches is a handy way to display your Fat Chef Kitchen. But, try some more interesting and unique ways. Get some inexpensive wall shelves. Arrange them in odd formations, like put three into a triangle formation. Then set up your Fat Chef items on the shelves.

Try a corner shelf unit, or several, one atop another for your display. Your walls are great places for displays and simple shelves are inexpensive and easy to hang.

Open Cabinet Space

Another favorite idea is to use open cabinet space. Remove the door from a strategically place kitchen cabinet. Make sure to remove all the hardware and screws, then fill the screw holes with wood putty. If you plan to leave your cabinet as is, then match the putty color to your current cabinet color. Or take advantage of this opportunity to paint the edge of your cabinet in an accent color.

With your open cabinet, you can set up your display of Fat Chef kitchen items. This is a perfect place for those useful items like serving bowls, cookie jars, and dishware. Pick a few plates or cups in solid colors that match or accent your color scheme, like some black and some red.

Using these display options, you can easily show off your marvelous collection of Fat Chef Kitchen items and carry your decorating throughout your kitchen.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I love the idea of removing a couple of cabinet doors and making an artful arrangement of fat kitchen chefs along with some of the dishes. It’s just so inviting!

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