Picking Decorating Color Schemes

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Decorating-Color-SchemesAny kind of decorating, for any room in your home, makes use of color schemes. Even if you have a theme, the colors you choose play a part. While the information provided here is focused on kitchen decorating, the suggestions work for any room. Using color schemes in your decorating is basic information.

Choose a Theme First, Colors Second

If you like the idea of a particular theme, like a Fat Chef kitchen, choose that theme first. Themes have some natural decorating color schemes built right in. Be aware of what they are before you pick your theme.

For example: the fat chef theme has a natural color scheme of black and white with red accents. Those are the traditional colors of the little fat chef character. If any one of these colors is not to your taste, then a fat chef theme may not be right for you.

But, don’t be put off by natural decorating color schemes with in a theme. You can certainly do some of your own color adjusting to get just what you like. There is more about that a little further on. Your theme can also be a particular decorating style, like vintage or country that can help you pick your color schemes.

Decorating Color Schemes Basics

Traditionally, you will be looking at 2 main colors with 1 or 2 accent colors. Working with 2 basic colors is the easiest. Your accent colors will create focus and interest. These basic colors can be either contrasting or complementing.

Consider black and white. These are the strongest contrast colors. Instead of white, one of the shades of gray can work beautifully. Black and gray are complementing colors. Brown and pink are contrasting colors, but red and pink are complementing colors.

Of course, white is a basic, neutral color. And white will complement and contrast with any other color. So if you choose white, you have the entire color palette to work with.

Accent Colors for Focus

Accent colors usually create focal points. Think of the red accent color in the Fat Chef theme. It’s a color that naturally draws the eye. So it’s used sparingly. Too many reds and you can get dizzy following all the focal points. A few well-placed red items create a charming way to accessorize your fat chef kitchen theme.

Typically, accent colors are the boldest in your decorating color scheme. The bold colors are the eye-catchers. But, strong opposite colors can also create the focal points. If you have red and white walls, a black accent color can work.

Again, keep your focal points, in whatever accent color you choose, to a few. Place them to draw your attention around the room. Choosing too many and you can end up with a chaotic effect.

Pick Decorating Color Schemes that You Love

Any decorating color schemes that you pick will be part of your life for at least some time. So pick those that you love. If yellow is one of your favorite colors, include it in your Fat Chef kitchen d├ęcor. It can be a third base color or a second accent color. Yellow can even replace white in your decorating color scheme.

For each room that you are decorating, make sure it’s a room that you enjoy entering and staying in. The rooms of your home are meant to be loved by you. If the latest fad colors are not to your liking, ignore them. Choose your own favorite decorating color schemes.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I do love a beautifully color coordinated kitchen and work space. I fear my kitchen is not perfect in that regard, but I do appreciate the beauty of true design.

  2. Mandee says:

    Thanks for the excellent suggestions for kitchen decorating schemes. The result of decorating is always better when you take the time to think things through!

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