Chef’s Aprons for Fun, Cooking and Decor

Fat-Chef-ApronsFunctional, fun and decorative, that’s what these chef aprons are to add to your Fat Chef kitchen decor. We all know how aprons work functionally, now find out how they can also be decorative in your kitchen. Just looking at them, you know these aprons are fun.

Fun, Functional and Decorative Chef’s Aprons

These are some of my favorite chef’s aprons. They depict the enjoyment of being a chef, whether fat, bistro or Italian. We have that look of the Fat Chef in our kitchen with his big mustache and zest for life through cooking, so add a bit more fun with one of these aprons.


Aprons for Decorating

Are you one of those who thinks of aprons as just functional and are hidden away in a drawer or closet when not in use? Well, let me show you how to use your aprons to help with your kitchen decor.

If you have the perfect kind of corner or floor space in your kitchen, place a standing coat rack there and hang one or more of your favorite chef aprons. For even more fun, top it with a chef’s hat.

Try a small wall shelf with hooks under it. Hang an apron from one of the hooks and add in a few other fat chef items, then top the shelf with a fat chef canister or mug to complete your look.

Making Use of Vertical Decor Effects

Fat Chef aprons work great to help you create a vertical visual effect on a blank wall. We typically think of wall decor as set at eye level, but using vertical decor can help break up the horizontal effect of counters, tables and cabinets, especially in the kitchen. Even using a simple decorative peg or stick-on hook to hang your apron from works great. Surround the hook with a few fat chef wall decals and you have an easy simple vignette on your wall.

Chef’s aprons with fun designs make more than just functional items. They can make great decorations as well.


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  1. Mandee says:

    Using aprons as decor in a fat chef kitchen is inspired! I love the idea of a shelf with a couple of hooks for the aprons and adding a few figurines or canisters featuring fat chef on the shelf part. You have inspired me!

  2. Cynthia says:

    These aprons would be a lot of fun to wear! I can easily imagine my husband wearing one of the chef aprons. I’ll be sure to take pictures 😀

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