A Fat Chef by Any Other Name

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Our little friend the Fat Chef goes by many other names. He’s been called a Bistro Chef, a French Chef, even an Italian Chef. It doesn’t matter what name you give him, our little friend is still fun to decorate in our kitchens.

His looks can vary quite a bit, also. Our Fat Chef friend can be a simple cartoon appearance, he can have more detail in his face, even an animated expression to his face. His mustache may be large or small. That doesn’t really matter. The important part is that he be on the rotund side and wearing the traditional chef costume of all white jacket, with the white toke, or billowing chef’s hat.

Some may show him with black and white checkered pants, he may wear a white apron, too. All of this is still the look of the Fat Chef. If he has a red kerchief tied around his neck, all the better. What we are looking for is a man that truly enjoys cooking and enjoys eating, too.

This is what kitchens are all about – the joy of cooking and the joy of eating. So the Fat Chef, whether you refer to him as a Bistro Chef, a French Chef or an Italian Chef, is a great way to decorate our kitchens and show off our own enjoyment of cooking and eating. His name doesn’t matter, his style does.


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